Whale watching is available year round on the Central Coast with Humpbacks here from March through November and the California Grey Whales are here from December through May. Mornings tend to be best except September and October when it is good all day on most days.

9-18-18  morning tours are seeing 8 to 10 whales feeding near pismo beach

9-17-18 8 to 10 Humpback whales on the morning tour!

9-16-18 6 humpback whales lunge feeding

9-13-18 2 new pods arrived today! 6 to 8 whales in each pod doing a lot of lunge feeding!

9-12-18 no whales

9-11-18 no whales

9-10-18 200 common dolphin escorted the boat for 45 minutes they are so beautiful to watch as they play with the boat. 2 humbacks were also part of the afternoon sail

9-9-18 3 humpbacks on the morning tour but none on the afternoon tour.

9-7-18 Halftail and 6 of his very big Humpback whale friends paid us a visit for over an hour on the morning whale watching trip. We have been seeing Halftail feeding in our bay for 7 years now!

9-6-18 3 humpback whales on both the powerboat and the sailboat at 11:30

9-5-18 2 Humpbacks on each tour and one inquisitive whale that swam under the bow of the boat and played with us for 20 minutes

9-4-18 2 Humpbacks a beautiful mother calf pair that swam with us for 45 minutes

8-29-18 The whales moved way offshore about 6 miles but we still found them on all but 1 tour

8-27-18 Hundreds of dolphins today for the powerboat and at least 2 humpback on each tour sail and power along with dozens of harbor porpoise!

8-26-18 All trips saw between 2 and 10 Humpback whales

8-25-18 Humpbacks Lunge feeding on most tours. All tours saw at least a few whales surfacing and diving.

8-24-18 our morning tours both sail and power enjoyed wonderful whale viewing. Breeching and lunge feeding 2 to 8 whale per trip

8-23-18 we saw 3 whales on the morning tour and one of them swam with us and came right up next to the boat for about 20 minutes. 

8-22-18 Very good whale watching all day, multiple whales on each trip

8-20-18 good whale watching on the morning tours and great whale watching on the afternoon tours with 6 to 8 Humpback whales feeding

8-19-18 spectacular whale watching with a lot of lunge feeding and as many as 100 common dolphins

8-18-18 as many as 20 whales on some trips today and at least 5 on every trip

8-17-18 Humpback whales doing it all today, lunge feeding, swimming under the boat, breeching and hundreds of Dolphins and Sealions feeding with them!

8-16-18 8-10 Humpbacks feeding along with 100 Sealions and Dolphins

8-15-18 The whales moved way out 5 to 6 miles offshore but the feedings we saw were spectacular 3 to 6 whales each trip

8-14-18 excellent whale watching with all but 1 trip  seeing 3 to 4 Humpback whales

8-13-18 Amazing whale watching day! After the fog lifted around 11:30  both sail and powerboat tours saw whales breeching and feeding , the afternoon tours  saw hundreds of dolphins and multiple breeches .

8-12-18 we found 1 to 2 whales on the morning tours as again the fog made things a bit difficult but once the fog lifted we found 8 whales feeding and both boats enjoyed some spectacular lunge feeding and a few full breeches as the happy whales celebrated the afternoon sunshine

8-11-18 when we can get past the fog we have 10 to 20 Humpbacks feeding near Oceano but the fog blocked all but one trip today it lifted we found 8 whales feeding an 8-10-18 while the fog cancelled a few trips and kept the sailboat from seeing much the powerboat had some good viewing in the morning of 6 to 8 whales

 8-9-18 20 plus whales feeding near Pismo beach. Some tours had a lot of fog but when we could see it was fantastic.

8-9-18 through 8-14-18 look like great whale watching potential as the winds are forecast to stay light!!!

8-8-18 Awesome whale feedings all day , all tours saw 6 to 10 Humpback whales and the evening tour experienced millions of Sooty Shearwaters ( birds ) circling the boat!

8-7-18 It was still a bit windy with short choppy seas  but we did find whales for short views on most tours

8-6-18 Morning powerboat and evening sailing tours had excellent whale encounters but it was too windy mid day to see whales. 8-3-18 2 to 4 Humpback whales on each tour both sail and power tours 

8-2-18 2 to 8 Humpbacks on the afternoon and evening tours good whale sightings

8-1-18 4 big beautiful humpbacks lunge feeding and around 100 pacific common dolphin

7-31-18 Humpback whales and Pacific Common Dolphin feeding in groups around the bay with some huge breeching on the afternoon tour

7-30-18 Foggy morning with no whales but when it cleared in the evening we found 20 hungry Whales feeding

7-29-18 3 humpbacks

7-28-18 2 to 4 humpbacks on most of the tours

7-27-18 15 humpbacks lunge feeding 7-23-18 1 humpback whale

7-22-18 5 to 6 Humpbacks on each tour

7-21-185 to 6 humpbacks on each tour some lunge feeding

7-20-18 10 to 20 Humpback whales on every tour sail and powerboat, beautiful sea conditions and 5 breeches!

7-19-18 10 humpback whales lunge feeding in a tight feeding area, very active.

7-18-18 incredible whale watching 10 to 15 humpback whales per trip, lunge feeding and some breeching.

7-16-18 10 to 20 Humpback lunge feeding on every tour!

7-15-18 all of the tours that wanted to see whales were treated to a great show and even the one that did not care to see them but wanted to go sailing saw them.

7-14-18 dozens of breeches and a lot of lunge feeding.

7-13-18 spectacular breeches galore .

7-10-18 Big Beautiful Humpback pods feeding all around the bay. Halftail, a whale we first encountered 7 years ago and we have seen each year since was feeding with a pod of very large older whales less than 1 mile from the port!

7-9-18 Very active feedings around the bay with pods of 6 to 10 whales. Lunge feeding and 2 breeches

7-8-18 20 plus humpbacks in a big feeding frenzy and another birthday breech, 8 folks strait now with birthdays on tours and a whale breeches.!

7-5-18 20 plus humpbacks feeding in groups of 4 and 5 whales many close encounters.

7-2-18 multipul humpbacks on each tour

7-1-18 15 to 20 humpbacks feeding in tight groups some breeching.

6-30-18 10 plus humpback on each tour.

6-29-18 another birthday breech that is 7 in a row

6-28-18  multipul Humpbacks on the morning powerboat and the mid day sailing tours. More breeching on the 9 am tour and lunge feeding on the 11:30 tours until the wind came up and things got a bit rough.

6-27-18 THE BEST DAY of the year so far. Over 20 breeches on the 9 am tour then hundreds of dolphins on the 11:30 tours both sail and power and the the 2:30

sail enjoyed some fantastic lunge feeding.

6-25-18 all of our trips both sail and powerboat enjoyed 4 to 6 whales each. Another birthday breech happened which continues the streak of whales jumping clear of the water when someone on board has a birthday to 7

6-24-18 6 to 8 humpbacks on all of the powerboat tours

6-23-18 5 Humpback whales and 1 minke

6-21-18  2 Humpback whales feeding

6-20-18  4 Humpback whales traveling about the bay

6-18-18 4 Humpback whales tail slapping

6-17-18 Incredible day with multipul Humpbacks on each tour and some fantastic breeching displays!

6-16-18 4 to 8 Humpbacks on each tour and hundreds of pacific common dolphins!

6-15-18 Multiple Humpbacks feeding around the bay, we saw spots literally every direction we looked

6-14-18 Unbelievable Humpback whale experience today over 30 whales on the 11:30 tour and 10 on the 9 am. tour lunge feeding , breeching whales all around and under the boat

6-13-18 2 Humpback whales

6-8-18 4 humpback whales some lunge feeding

6-7-18 3 Humpback whales and one breaching 6 times!

6-6-18 multiple Humpback whales on every tour, two of the biggest we have ever seen here easily over 50 ft long!

6-5-18 1 Humpback on each tour and a few hundred thousand Sooty Shearwaters that have recently arrived from New Zealand, Pacific  bottlenose dolphins on the 11:30 trip also.

6-4-18 4 to 6 Humpbacks feeding near shore

6-3-18 3 Humpback whales

6-2-18 Humpback whales and 1 Minke Whale on each whale watching tour

6-1-18 7 Humpback whales good feeding and Tail displays

5-30-18 1000 or more sealions feeding and 1 Minke Whale

5-28-18 2 Humpbacks and 1 Grey whale

5-27-18 6 Humpback Whales

5-26-18 early trips had good whale watching with multiple breaches

5-25-18 incredible breeching display by a juvenile humpback on all both the sailboat and the power catamaran tours

5-24-18 Humpback mother calf pair feeding

5-23-18 6 Humpback Whales and another incredible sealion feeding frenzy

5-21-18 3 Humpback Whales and 400 sealions feeding

5-19-18 6 Humpback whales and 300 sealions

5-18-18 5 Humpback whales and one brief encounter with a Minke.

5-17-18 1 Humpback and 1 Minke

5-16-18 3 Humpbacks on one trip

5-15-18  1 Humpback on one trip escorted the sailboat for over 1 hour

5-14-18 1 Humpback whale and 100 sealions for over an hour escorting the sailboat

5-13-14 3 to 5 Humpbacks and hundreds of feeding sealions on each tour, Happy Mothers day

5-12-18 After 3 days of howling winds cancelling our trips we had a beautiful day with loads of sunshine and over 15 whales on each trip!

5-8-18 Amazing feeding frenzy 300 plus sealions and a dozen whales

5-7-18 very windy with large seas but we did see a Humpback breaching 10 to 15 times about 2000 yards away.

5-6-18 5 humpbacks on one tour and 12 on the afternoon sailing adventure!

5-5-18  3 or more humpbacks on every tour plus 2 Minke whales and 2 Grey whales1 

5-4-18 HUMPBACK WHALES! we found 8 whales feeding about 5 miles out today.  We can not wait until tomorrow

4-28-18 1 Grey whale cow and calf pair

4-27-18 3 Grey whale cow calf pairs and 1 escort

4-26-18 1 cow calf pair of Grey whales

4-24-18 6 Grey whales 5 on one trip

4-22-18 1 Grey whale on each tour

4-20-18 3 Grey whales on one trip none on the other.

4-18-18 1 Humpback whale and pod of dolphins

4-17-18 3 pairs of Grey whales with calfs!

4-14-18 300 plus Dolphins and 2 humpbacks on 1 tour and 4 humpback and one 20 minute close encounter with a curious Minke whale

4-11-18 4 humpbacks on each tour tours

4-10-18 Multipul Humpback whales on every tour. The Sailboat experienced a feeding frenzy with hundreds of Sealions and 8 Humpbacks

4-9-18 4 to 5 humpbacks on each power catameran tour

4-8-18 Big winds and seas so we had to stay in close to shore. We still had 5 humpbacks on the 9 am trip and 4 more on the 11:30

4-7-18 rained all morning then cleared in time for a magical sail out to over 20 Humpbacks

4-6-18 Dozens of humpback throughout the day

4-5-18 was a hit and miss day. 10 Humpbacks on the 9 am powercat with multipile breaches and none on the 11:30. The sailboat saw none on the 11:30 also but 6 on the 2:30 sail with multiple breaches!

4-4-18  6 to 10 Humpbacks sighted o each tour by both boats.  Curious whales swimming within 20 ft of each boat. 

4-3-18 Both boats saw 6 to 10 Humpbacks on all tours!!

4-2-18 Humpbacks on every tour and 2 big breaches by a whale we spent a lot of time with last year. It seemed as excited to see us as we were to see it. 

4-1-18  HUMPBACK WHALES! have returned we saw over 9 humpbacks and 10 grey whales on 3 tours!