5-18-18 5 Humpback whales and one brief encounter with a Minke.

5-17-18 1 Humpback and 1 Minke

5-16-18 3 Humpbacks on one trip

5-15-18  1 Humpback on one trip escorted the sailboat for over 1 hour

5-14-18 1 Humpback whale and 100 sealions for over an hour escorting the sailboat

5-13-14 3 to 5 Humpbacks and hundreds of feeding sealions on each tour, Happy Mothers day

5-12-18 After 3 days of howling winds cancelling our trips we had a beautiful day with loads of sunshine and over 15 whales on each trip!

5-8-18 Amazing feeding frenzy 300 plus sealions and a dozen whales

5-7-18 very windy with large seas but we did see a Humpback breaching 10 to 15 times about 2000 yards away.

5-6-18 5 humpbacks on one tour and 12 on the afternoon sailing adventure!

5-5-18  3 or more humpbacks on every tour plus 2 Minke whales and 2 Grey whales1 

5-4-18 HUMPBACK WHALES! we found 8 whales feeding about 5 miles out today.  We can not wait until tomorrow

4-28-18 1 Grey whale cow and calf pair

4-27-18 3 Grey whale cow calf pairs and 1 escort

4-26-18 1 cow calf pair of Grey whales

4-24-18 6 Grey whales 5 on one trip

4-22-18 1 Grey whale on each tour

4-20-18 3 Grey whales on one trip none on the other.

4-18-18 1 Humpback whale and pod of dolphins

4-17-18 3 pairs of Grey whales with calfs!

4-14-18 300 plus Dolphins and 2 humpbacks on 1 tour and 4 humpback and one 20 minute close encounter with a curious Minke whale

4-11-18 4 humpbacks on each tour tours

4-10-18 Multipul Humpback whales on every tour. The Sailboat experienced a feeding frenzy with hundreds of Sealions and 8 Humpbacks

4-9-18 4 to 5 humpbacks on each power catameran tour

4-8-18 Big winds and seas so we had to stay in close to shore. We still had 5 humpbacks on the 9 am trip and 4 more on the 11:30

4-7-18 rained all morning then cleared in time for a magical sail out to over 20 Humpbacks

4-6-18 Dozens of humpback throughout the day

4-5-18 was a hit and miss day. 10 Humpbacks on the 9 am powercat with multipile breaches and none on the 11:30. The sailboat saw none on the 11:30 also but 6 on the 2:30 sail with multiple breaches!

4-4-18  6 to 10 Humpbacks sighted o each tour by both boats.  Curious whales swimming within 20 ft of each boat. 

4-3-18 Both boats saw 6 to 10 Humpbacks on all tours!!

4-2-18 Humpbacks on every tour and 2 big breaches by a whale we spent a lot of time with last year. It seemed as excited to see us as we were to see it. 

4-1-18  HUMPBACK WHALES! have returned we saw over 9 humpbacks and 10 grey whales on 3 tours!