Some of the best whale watching on the West Coast is available right here on the pristine waters of San Luis bay. We are able to enjoy Humpback whales here from March through November and the California Grey whales are here from the middle of January through May.

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Hello whale lovers and wildlife enthusiasts from around the world. We all know that watching these magnificent leviathans in the wild is an amazing experience! But, as with all wild animals they roam and move as they choose and sometimes we go out and can not find them. The most frequently asked question about our whale watching tours is how likely are you to actually see a whale on the tour. So we have compiled 7 years of data on our tours and here are the percentages of tours that saw at least one whale on a tour, month by month.  January 62% February 79% March 84% April 56% May 71% June 80% July 86% August 93% September 97%!! October 88% November 73% December 19%. 


Here is what we have been seeing lately on the powerboat unless otherwise noted as on the sailboat.

5-26-19 As the rain let up some hearty visitors from Chile and Switzerland braved the last bit of showers and were well rewarded for it. 10 Humpbacks and 300 plus sealions along with hundreds of birds in a big feeding frenzy. We enjoyed many close encounters as the whales were very curious and even our old friend Half Tail swam by to say hello. This was one of the best trips this year! 

5-25-19 Incredible encounters today! on the 9 am tour a humpback whale really seemed to like us and came over as close to us 5 or 6 feet several times!

5-24-19 After several days off due to either too much wind or too much fog we were treated to a beautiful sunny day and some magnificent whale watching. 5 to 10 Humpbacks on each tour along with hundreds of sealions all feeding in a big dynamic frenzy.  

5-20-19 After 4 days of bad weather we got back on the water and were treated to a good day with 2 big Humpbacks only 2 miles out. With the big waves from the storm we were able to see their whole bodies as they rose and fell with the swells!

5-15-19 Both powerboat tours had great experiences with a new pod of Humpback whales that have just arrived to our bay and are actively feeding. We had several close encounters with some very curious whales.

5-14-19 Nice trip today, we found 3 Humpbacks feeding with a large pod of Pacific White Sided dolphins!

5-12-19 We had to go 11 miles out but we did find 1 Humpback that gave us on big breach!

5-11-19 amazing day with both powerboat tours enjoying 10 to 15 Humpbacks and multiple breaches. It was a magical day as we were also joined by a big pod of Pacific White Sided Dolphins!

5-9-19 Absolutely beautiful whale watching with 10 to 15 humpback whales  sighted on each powerboat tour and several close encounters.

5-8-19 Great day to be whale watching! Sunny with amazing clouds and 15 to 20 Humpback on each tour. Several breaches today and a close encounter with a curious cow calf pair.

5-7-19 The best day so far! 10 to 20 humpbacks feeding in a small area with some tail lobing and a few breeches on both trips! Plus a few close encounters with curious whale swimming within 15 ft of the boat!

5-6-19 Great whale watching today with both tours seeing between 10 and 20 whales and some getting curious and swimming close to the boat.

5-5-19 Today we enjoyed a great experience with 2 pairs of humpback moms with their 3 to 4 year old calfs!

5-4-19 Great trip this morning we saw 10 to 12 humpback whales with 6 in close to us feeding!

5-3-19 abit of a slow day with only 1 Minke whale and 1 Humpback whale

4-30-19 The 9 am trip only saw 1 whale for a few seconds but the 11:30 enjoyed 6 whales feeding in a tight group for 40 minutes.

4-28-19 Excellent whale watching all day on every tour both sail and power!

4-28-194-27-19 THE HUMPBACKS ARE HERE!!! what a difference a day makes, today we could see at least 20 to 30 whales per trip as the whales seemed to be everywhere. Both boats had encounters with groups of 2 to 4 at a time. Now is the time for some whale watching if you have been waiting.

4-26-19 Fun Day out on the water today. The whale watching trip saw 1 Humpback and 1 Minke whale along with a Mola Mola ocean sunfish and of course the sea lions and sea otters. The afternoon sailing tour saw a mother humpback and her new calf!

4-23 through 4-25-19 FOG so no trips to the whales

4-22-19 Wow what a weird day. The 9 am tour saw no whales but the 11 am sail and the 11:30 powerboat tours saw 4 whales each then to 3 pm coastal tour saw 4 more! All california Greys north bound with calfs.

4-20-19 1 humpback and 2 grey whales on the powerboat tour and 3 humpbacks on the Sailboat!!

4-18-19 no whales

4-17-19 no whales

4-16-19 2 Grey whales one breaching 6 times

4-15-19 no whales

4-4-13-19 A beautiful day on the bay with amazing close encounters on both powerboat trips and a fun sighting on the sailing tour. The water is so clear we can see the whales as they swim under water. We had one whale swim with us just 40 ft from the boat for over 30 minutes. 

4-12-19 Outstanding whale watching on the 9 am tour! 4 Humpbacks feeding in water so clear we could see them swimming underwater!

4-8-19 today we had an exceptional experience with 4 Humpback getting curious and swimming within 15 ft of the boat.

4-12-19 outstanding whale watching on the 9 am tour! 4 Humpbacks feeding in clear water so we could see them swimming underwater!4-7-16  Today we saw 3 to 4 Humpbacks on each tour and 2 Grey whales cows escorting calfs north. two huge breaches on the 9 am.

4-6-19 2 grey whales on each sailing tour.

4-4-19 3 to 4  grey whales today what a treat

4-3-19 6 Grey whales surfacing around the boat. 

4-2-18 Today we enjoyed 2 wonderful whale watching trips seeing 8 to 10 Greys on each tour. At one point 6 whales surfaced within 50 ft of the boat for an exceptional viewing.

4-1-18 What a day! We encountered 60 to 80 Risso Dolphins feeding and then 3 big Grey whales on one trip

3-31-19 3 HUMPBACKS! The first of the year plus several Grey whales including Gandalf our old friend from last year feeding in the bay

3-30-18 Grey whales on each trip

3-29-19 Excellent Grey whale trips with 4 to 5 whales on each trip. 

3-28-19 Gandalf the Grey Whale that was feeding in the bay last year has returned!

3-27-19  a good day on the bay with 8 to 10 sightings per trip

3-26-19  we saw 5 grey whales on one trip with beautiful sea conditions

3-25-18 beautiful sea conditions today and the whales were a bit shy on the 9 am tour seeing about 10 whales total and the 11:30 trip saw closer to 15 whales with one curious adolescent swimming along with us for about 10 minutes.

3-24-18 Wonderful encounters all day at least 10 whales per trip


3-9-19 200 to 300 Risso dolphins moving south in a wonderful and very active pod plus 10 to 15 Grey whales per trip!