Whale watching is available year round on the Central Coast with Humpbacks here from March through November and the California Grey Whales here from December through May. Here are some answers to our 2 most asked questions: "What is the best time of day?" The best time to go see whales is in the morning and mid day. "Which is the best boat?" Our powerboat is one of the fastest and most comfortable whale watching boats in the state. This allows us to search a larger area and offers the best chance to see whales on any given day so we recommend it over the sailboat for whale watching. While the sailboat has become rather famous in the area for its magical interactive whale experiences, sometimes the whales are just to far out in the bay for the sailboat to get there and back in a reasonable amount of time. Therefore we have dedicated the sailboat to offering a whole ocean, wildlife viewing experience with whale watching as a part of the tour but only if the whales are within 5 miles of Avila Beach.

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Now through March is the time to come out and witness the longest large animal migration on earth! The California Grey whales are swimming over 6 thousand miles from their summer feeding grounds in the high Arctic down to their winter breeding grounds in the lagoons of Baja California. then in February they will begin their journey back north.

1-3-19  3 beautiful Grey whales under brilliant sunshine.

1-2-18 2 Grey whales on each trip and beautiful clear sunny skies.

12-29-18 The 9 am trip was amazing with 3 Humpback whales close to the boat and another off in the distance plus one to two hundred Pacific Common Dolphin

12-28-18 3 Grey whales today.

12-21-18 We are starting to see 1 to 3  southbound Grey whale per trip! So whale watching is back on and we should see more each day.

11-28-18 through 12-13-18 No whales. After a pair of fairly big storms came through it appears that the Humpbacks have taken their que to head south and the Grey whales have not shown up yet. We are hearing of some along the big sur coast so we expect to being seeing whales by this weekend the 15th and 16th. It should pick up rapidly as there are 20,000 plus whales on their way to mexico.

11-27-18 3 humpbacks today heading south

11-26-18 unbelievable day on our custom photography trip. We saw many animals today under gorgeous sunny, clear skies. To start we encountered 300 common dolphins then 12 whales trumpeting and lunge feeding until 3 brok of from the group and some Risso Dolphins showed up escorted the 3 whales we stayed with. You would think that was enough to be a great day but then it got even better as "Barney" a humpback that we have been playing with since March started to put on a show. Breaching and Pectoral slapping non stop for an hour!

11-25-18 3 humpback lunge feeding

11-21-18 through 11-24-18 closed

11-20-18 3 beautiful Humpbacks on each tour lots of breaching on the 9 am trip.

11-18-18 1 humpback and about 20 dolphins on 1 tour and 3 to 4 hundred dolphins on the other.

11-16-18 5 to 6 hundred dolphins on one tout but no whales

11-14-18 we started off with 20 bottlenose feeding near the pier then we whenout to 100s of sealions feeding which led us to 5 or 6 Humpback whales! beautiful weather and calm flat seas make this the best week of whale watching this year!

11-13-18 I did not think it could get anymore active but today we saw 500 to 1000 dolphins in a huge pod and 300 to 400 sealions and of course two pods of humpback whales, one was very active and the other very inquisitive of the boat. One of our best trips ever! 11-12-18 Fantastic dayns w with the 11:30 tour enjoying 5 big birthday breaches!nos11-11-18  All of our tours both powerboat and sailboat enjoyed some great enjoyed great whale watching with at least 6 whales on each tour.

11-10-18 GREAT DAY WITH THE WHALES! The 9 am tour experienced several big breaches and a very close encounter when the whales swam over to us and dove about 4 ft from the boat. The 11:30 tour enjoyed some very robust feeding by 8 to 10 huge Humpbacks! Then we did a 2 pm 1 hour coastal and decided to go see them again as they were close enough to the port to get there in 15 minutes and we saw more exciting feedings11-9-18 wonder whale watching today with 3 humpback fairly close and more in view around us. Both trips enjoyed at least 1 good beach!

11-8-18 2 humpback whales and about 100 dolphins which are very entertaining as they frolic around the boat!

11-6-18 Too foggy so we are hopeful to get out tomorrow!

11-5-18 Too rough again

11-4-18 Too rough to go out

11-3-18 Beautiful morning tours today with 10 to 15 whales visible on each tour and 5 to 6 very close and feeding vigorously. The 11:30 trip got to see 2 very high big breaches within 50 ft of the boat!

11-2-18  whale watching tours saw 8 to 10 whales each trip with as many as 5 close to the boat at one time. Beautiful conditions with a bright blue sky and very clear water.

11-1-18 10 to 12 Humpbacks on each tour!

10-28-18 4 humpback whales provided s good show of tail lobs for the first trip but the seas got rough and the forecast looks bad until Thursday so check back Thursday evening to  check out what you might expect to see on the weekend!

10-27-18 4 humpbacks on each trip , lunge feeding10-26-18 Amazing day on the bay! the 9 am trip experienced over 1000 ( not a typo) dolphins and 6 Humpback whales , one of them preforming a dozen big breaches near the boat. the 11:30 trip had about 20 humpbacks aggressively lunge feeding and trumpeting an awesome display.

10-21-18 3 Humpbacks on the 9 am tour and 2 on the 11:30 trip

10-20-18 1 humpback on each tour and 100 common dolphins on the 9 am trip

10-19-18 10 to 15 humpbacks 8 miles out

10-18-18 4 to 5 hundred dolphins and 5 Humpback whales

10-17-18 6 big humpbacks feeding 8 miles out and more humpbacks all around plus Pacific common dolphin

10-16-18 DOZENS of humpback whales are feeding in the bay! Now is the time we have been waiting for to see very active humpback whales!

10-15-18  10 to 15 whales on each trip. Some lunge feeding and some very aggressive hunting. 

10-14-18 The whales are BACK! We saw at least 10 whales on each trip today with both trips getting a full breach. The 9 am tour saw a triple breach as in 3 whales in the air at the same time. 100 plus Common Dolphins also joined the fun.

10-13-18 Several wonderful encounters on each trip with 3 to 8 whales per trip

10-12-18 hundreds of dolphins and 5 to 6 Humpback whales ! We even saw dolphins playing with the whales!

10-11-18 We saw nothing on the 10th and were not expecting any whales on an special evening trip tonight to take pictures of the sunset but then 2 humpbacks showed up and to gave us a great show with 5 full breaches by a calf that has been playing with us since May. The weekend looks great for whale watching with a great weather forecast and a lot of anchovy schools out there. ( the whales eat the anchovy )

10-9-18 6 humpback whales way out over 7 miles from shore in beautiful clear water. The sweet smooth ride of the power catamaran "Pacific Flyer" makes it a fun and enjoyable ride out and back

10-8-18 7 Humpback whales lunge feeding under the most beautiful blue sky and in such clear water we could see the whole whale underwater!

10-7-18 No whales on 2 tours but 50 to 60 harbor porpoise and some sealion along with sea otters did provide some entertainment

10-6-18 1 humpback and 1 Minke whale and about 50 common dolphin plus all the usual marine mammals Sea otter, sealion and harbor seals plus some beautiful seabirds. 10-4-18 5 Humpbacks on the 11:30 tour plus Common dolphins and sealions al feeding together!

10-3-18 5 very big Humpbacks cruising the bay and 3 others lunge feeding

10-2-18 5 to 8 Humpbacks on each tour

9-30-18 3 to 5 Humpbacks feeding on the outer bay

9-29-18 2 to 3 humpbacks on each tour both sail and power

9-28-18 3 humpback on each sailing tour

9-27-18 day off

9-26-18 fantastic whale watching on all tours with the 2 pm getting some very exciting lunge feeding!

9-25-18 fantastic whale watching on all tours! 5 to 8 Humpbacks with the 9 am tour seeing one full breach with a full twisting rotation and the 11:30 tour seeing a double breach!

9-24-18   5 to 8 Humpbacks  with a lot of lunge feeding and some great close encounters with curious whales

9-23-18  10 to 15 Humpback whales lunge feeding near oceano dunes and 10 full breaches on the morning tour

9-22-18 9-21-18 excellent whale watching today with all trips seeing multiple breaches under clear blue skies lots of dolphins and sealions also

9-20-18 3 to 5 humpbacks lunge feeding on all tours

9-19-18  3  humpback whales lunge feeding on the morning tour!

9-18-18  morning tours are seeing 8 to 10 whales feeding near pismo beach

9-17-18 8 to 10 Humpback whales on the morning tour!

9-16-18 6 humpback whales lunge feeding

9-13-18 2 new pods arrived today! 6 to 8 whales in each pod doing a lot of lunge feeding!

9-12-18 no whales

9-11-18 no whales

9-10-18 200 common dolphin escorted the boat for 45 minutes they are so beautiful to watch as they play with the boat. 2 humbacks were also part of the afternoon sail

9-9-18 3 humpbacks on the morning tour but none on the afternoon tour.

9-7-18 Halftail and 6 of his very big Humpback whale friends paid us a visit for over an hour on the morning whale watching trip. We have been seeing Halftail feeding in our bay for 7 years now!

9-6-18 3 humpback whales on both the powerboat and the sailboat at 11:30

9-5-18 2 Humpbacks on each tour and one inquisitive whale that swam under the bow of the boat and played with us for 20 minutes

9-4-18 2 Humpbacks a beautiful mother calf pair that swam with us for 45 minutes

8-29-18 The whales moved way offshore about 6 miles but we still found them on all but 1 tour

8-27-18 Hundreds of dolphins today for the powerboat and at least 2 humpback on each tour sail and power along with dozens of harbor porpoise!

8-26-18 All trips saw between 2 and 10 Humpback whales

8-25-18 Humpbacks Lunge feeding on most tours. All tours saw at least a few whales surfacing and diving.

8-24-18 our morning tours both sail and power enjoyed wonderful whale viewing. Breeching and lunge feeding 2 to 8 whale per trip

8-23-18 we saw 3 whales on the morning tour and one of them swam with us and came right up next to the boat for about 20 minutes. 

8-22-18 Very good whale watching all day, multiple whales on each trip

8-20-18 good whale watching on the morning tours and great whale watching on the afternoon tours with 6 to 8 Humpback whales feeding

8-19-18 spectacular whale watching with a lot of lunge feeding and as many as 100 common dolphins

8-18-18 as many as 20 whales on some trips today and at least 5 on every trip

8-17-18 Humpback whales doing it all today, lunge feeding, swimming under the boat, breeching and hundreds of Dolphins and Sealions feeding with them!

8-16-18 8-10 Humpbacks feeding along with 100 Sealions and Dolphins

8-15-18 The whales moved way out 5 to 6 miles offshore but the feedings we saw were spectacular 3 to 6 whales each trip

8-14-18 excellent whale watching with all but 1 trip  seeing 3 to 4 Humpback whales

8-13-18 Amazing whale watching day! After the fog lifted around 11:30  both sail and powerboat tours saw whales breeching and feeding , the afternoon tours  saw hundreds of dolphins and multiple breeches .

8-12-18 we found 1 to 2 whales on the morning tours as again the fog made things a bit difficult but once the fog lifted we found 8 whales feeding and both boats enjoyed some spectacular lunge feeding and a few full breeches as the happy whales celebrated the afternoon sunshine

8-11-18 when we can get past the fog we have 10 to 20 Humpbacks feeding near Oceano but the fog blocked all but one trip today it lifted we found 8 whales feeding an 8-10-18 while the fog cancelled a few trips and kept the sailboat from seeing much the powerboat had some good viewing in the morning of 6 to 8 whales

 8-9-18 20 plus whales feeding near Pismo beach. Some tours had a lot of fog but when we could see it was fantastic.

8-9-18 through 8-14-18 look like great whale watching potential as the winds are forecast to stay light!!!

8-8-18 Awesome whale feedings all day , all tours saw 6 to 10 Humpback whales and the evening tour experienced millions of Sooty Shearwaters ( birds ) circling the boat!

8-7-18 It was still a bit windy with short choppy seas  but we did find whales for short views on most tours

8-6-18 Morning powerboat and evening sailing tours had excellent whale encounters but it was too windy mid day to see whales. 8-3-18 2 to 4 Humpback whales on each tour both sail and power tours 

8-2-18 2 to 8 Humpbacks on the afternoon and evening tours good whale sightings

8-1-18 4 big beautiful humpbacks lunge feeding and around 100 pacific common dolphin

7-31-18 Humpback whales and Pacific Common Dolphin feeding in groups around the bay with some huge breeching on the afternoon tour

7-30-18 Foggy morning with no whales but when it cleared in the evening we found 20 hungry Whales feeding

7-29-18 3 humpbacks

7-28-18 2 to 4 humpbacks on most of the tours

7-27-18 15 humpbacks lunge feeding 7-23-18 1 humpback whale

7-22-18 5 to 6 Humpbacks on each tour

7-21-185 to 6 humpbacks on each tour some lunge feeding

7-20-18 10 to 20 Humpback whales on every tour sail and powerboat, beautiful sea conditions and 5 breeches!

7-19-18 10 humpback whales lunge feeding in a tight feeding area, very active.

7-18-18 incredible whale watching 10 to 15 humpback whales per trip, lunge feeding and some breeching.

7-16-18 10 to 20 Humpback lunge feeding on every tour!

7-15-18 all of the tours that wanted to see whales were treated to a great show and even the one that did not care to see them but wanted to go sailing saw them.

7-14-18 dozens of breeches and a lot of lunge feeding.

7-13-18 spectacular breeches galore .

7-10-18 Big Beautiful Humpback pods feeding all around the bay. Halftail, a whale we first encountered 7 years ago and we have seen each year since was feeding with a pod of very large older whales less than 1 mile from the port!

7-9-18 Very active feedings around the bay with pods of 6 to 10 whales. Lunge feeding and 2 breeches

7-8-18 20 plus humpbacks in a big feeding frenzy and another birthday breech, 8 folks strait now with birthdays on tours and a whale breeches.!

7-5-18 20 plus humpbacks feeding in groups of 4 and 5 whales many close encounters.

7-2-18 multipul humpbacks on each tour

7-1-18 15 to 20 humpbacks feeding in tight groups some breeching.