Avila Beach / Port San Luis directions for where to meet Central Coast Sailing Charters and Ocean Rafting Tours

GPS Directions:

For most GPS map APPs it is best to enter "FAT CATS CAFE" to find the parking lot for the Harford Pier.  From this parking lot walk out onto the pier and find our sign using the directions below. YOU WILL NOT SEE A SAILBOAT OR POWERBOAT TIED TO THE PIER YOU MUST WAIT AT THE SIGN AND WE WILL COME AND GET YOU 5 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR TOUR STARTS.


Old School Directions: 

From Highway 101: Exit at Avila Beach Drive and proceed west onto Avila Beach Drive. Follow Avila Beach Drive all the way to the end of the road and you will have found the Harford pier and Port San Luis Harbor. You may park anywhere in the lot except those spaces marked for cars with trailers only. Then walk out onto the Harford pier near the far end of the parking area staying on the left hand side as you are looking out toward the sea. You will only be walking out about one third of the length of the pier. Here are a few land marks to help you find our sign in area, the first small building you will come to is the Patriot Sport Fishing building then twenty steps past that you will see BJ’s Seafood Market. Stay on the left hand side of the pier and proceed another 20 ft. past BJ’s and look at the railing and here you will find a 2ft x 3ft sign on the pier railing indicating that you have found the sign in area for Central Coast Charters! Please wait for me at the sign.The total walking distance on the pier is less than 100 yards.  If you are having trouble finding our sign or if you have any problems or delays that will cause you to be more than 5 minutes late for a sailing tour Please call Mark (805) 540-4667 or for an Ocean Rafting powerboat tour please call Michael (805)705-8681

Parking here can be limited on busy summer weekends, Please plan to arrive a early during the summer to allow for time to find a parking space (20 to 25 minutes on weekends).  If your group is traveling in more than one car, consider carpooling from your point of origin or meeting at the public parking area in Avila beach on First St. Other options are to park alongside Avila Beach Dr. before you enter Avila and carpool from there.

To use Google maps enter "Central Coast Sailing Charters meeting place" 

Below is a picture of the sign you will be meeting us at, do not go to the end of pier! We are just past BJ's live seafood market.

Contact Us

(805) 540-4667