More than just a whale watching tour. We offer a sailing adventure and whale watching tour combined! Sailing powered by the wind is naturally eco friendly and allows us to travel quietly and harmoniously with the whales. Whenever the whales are in the area we adapt all of our sailing tours to spend a good portion of the trip with the whales! It's so much fun to interact with them and such an amazing and awe inspiring experience to have them swim with the boat. During the summer months of June through September  the Humpback Whales return to San Luis Bay to feed on the abundant small fish species that proliferate in the nutrient rich waters here. It is one of the best shows on the west coast and a real thrill to see. To get on one of our trips and sail with the whales please consider the time of year and reserve a trip accordingly. 

April through mid July This is not our peak season for whales but we do find them on half of the trips we run. Generally the 10:30 am tour is the best but sometimes even that trip is too windy for whale watching. Please do not reserve an afternoon or evening tour during these springtime months for whale watching as it is often times too windy and the ocean is too rough to get out to them. As a consolation when the conditions are poor for whale watching they tend to be great for some exciting sailing!

Mid July through September tends to be great whale watching on all of our tours! If you book any regular tour departing at 10:30, 1:30 or 4:30 and the weather conditions permit and the whales are within reach during the tour we will do our best to get you near them. Please read the reviews on Tripadvisor and Yelp to see what folks think of the whale watching we commonly experience on our tours. July though September is the peak season for humpbacks! Please note we do not cancel sailing tours if the ocean conditions are too rough to get to the whales. Instead of going to the outer bay on these days we will enjoy a sail about the inner bay and take in all of the other animals and sights available.

Over the past 5 years we have become well known for seeing whales and do so on over 75% of our sailing adventures from July through September! 


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$89 adults and $79 for children for our 2.5 hour sailing adventures. departures at 10:30am, 1:30pm year round and 4:30 pm in the summer. All of our tours will sail with the whales if they are anywhere near the port and the sa conditions permit us access to where the whale are located. All tours are Semi Private with a maximum of 6 passengers


Please understand there are no guarantees of seeing a whale on any given day.  These are wild animals and although we see them on about 75% of the tours we sail we do not find them on every tour. Mid July through September this is the best time to see Humpback whales. January through April is when we have California Grey whales in the area but they are harder to find and the sightings are often farther from the boat than the Humpback sightings we have become known for.


Whale sighting update (6-17-17) 2 humpback whales on the ocean rafting tour (6-1-17 to 6-16-17) no whales due to high winds only a few trips going to deep water (5-31-17) 3 Humpbacks (5-29-17)15 humpbacks (5-28-17) 10 Humpbacks (5-27-17) 20 plus Humpbacks on the day! Breaching ,feeding, diving. (5-26-17) 5 humpback whales ( 5-24-17) 15 humpback whales and 1 minke whale(5-22-17) 1 humpback whale (5-20-17) 6 to 8 Orca seen by Peregrine (5-19-17) 1 cow and calf pair of grey whales (5-15-17) 1 cow and calf pair of Grey whales (5-13-17) 2 grey whales (5-3-17) 5 Mother calf pairs of grey whales (5-1-17) 4 grey whales 2 pairs of cows and calves (4-27-17) 10 to 15 humpbacks on each tour! (4-26-17) 10 Humpback whales (4-25-17) 2 grey whales(4-22-1) Humpbacks, Greys and dolphins! ( 4-21-17) 2 humpbacks (4-15-17) 10 or more humpback whales on each trip! (4-14-17) 10 humpback whales on the 10:30 sail (4-12-17) 2 grey whales and 8 to 10 Dolphins on each tour (3-19-17 though 3-27-17) 1 to 2 grey whales per day on average (3-18-19) 8 humpbacks and 1 Minkie on each tour, 18 whales on the day (3-17-17) 15 humpback whales and 1 Grey whale on 2 tours (3-16-17) 13 Humpback whales 1 Minke whale (3-15-17)  Visit our facebook page Central Coast Sailing Charters for videos and pictures! 

All of this and beautiful Sea otters, Harbor seals and Sea lions are out there waiting for you to visit with them.