We would love to take you sailing or powerboating but you must be able to get to our boats. In order to board the boats everyone in your group must be able to go up and down one flight of stairs with a hand rail. Then for powerboat tours you will be able to load directly into the boat by stepping over the rail of the boat which is about 2.5 ft higher than the dock. Both the dock and the boat will be moving somewhat depending on the day. For sailing tours you will step down from this floating dock 15 inches into an inflatable boat for the transfer to the sailboat. Once to the sailboat you will need to step up 2 steps into the sailboat. There are good handholds and no one has ever fallen in but the two boats do move around on windy days so some coordination is necessary. If you are physically impaired and any of this sounds difficult please call me before reserving a trip so we can make sure you can do this. Also please consider reserving a private tour so we can take all the time we might need to safely get you on and off the boats.