Ash scattering burials at sea with beautiful views of Pismo Beach, Avila beach and the Central Coast.

 Ash scattering

If you have had a loved one pass and would like to see them live on in the sea please contact us. We recommend mornings or evenings in the summer for Ash scatterings. In winter any time is ok.


Thinking of a wonderful way to remember a loved one, consider a memorial sail to leave flowers on the sea where your loved ones ashes were scattered previously.  


These trips are arranged as custom / private charters and depart when we can fit you into our regular schedule.

6 passenger maximum on either boat


If you would like for us to take your loved ones ashes out and respectfully  scatter them at sea for you without your presence please call me at (805) 540 4667.   We charge $75 to take them out and we will send you a picture and gps coordinates via email. 



44 ft sail boat "SPIRIT" 2.5 hrs $500 or 1.5 hrs $300                 26 ft power Catamaran 1 hour $200                                         For reservations please call Capt. Mark (805) 540-4667