Sailing tours aboard "SPIRIT" our beautiful 44 ft Beneteau sailboat give you a unique opportunity to experience the magic of sailing and enjoy an interesting nature interpretive wildlife tour.  She is a great sailing vessel that is capable of crossing oceans with ease and has safely taken over 8,000 people sailing over the past 7 years here in San Luis Bay. Whale watching is a wonderful bonus to this tour on many days from June through September but they are wild animals and so may not be available on every tour. Only $89 per person for 2.5 hours of fun sailing. Daily departures at 2:00 PM until July 28 th.  August and September departures at 2:30 PM on Saturdays only. This tour is appropriate for everyone aged 5 and up.

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The adventure starts off in the protected waters of the bay so that everyone can become comfortable with the boat. Then we will take advantage of the stronger winds out on the outer bay for some exciting higher speed sailing. This is weather dependant of course but we have good wind in the afternoon 90 % of the time.

Along the way we will chat about some of the fun history of Avila Beach and the Port of San Luis while taking in some of the great wildlife viewing available around the bay. This tour is foremost a sailing, ocean adventure with wildlife viewing and whale watching added when we come across something interesting to see and talk about. "SPIRIT" is a very capable 44 foot sailing vessel with full amenities. She was designed by one of the most renowned naval architects of the past 100 years the incomparable German Frers with the intent to sail around the world and her pedigree shows whenever the wind fills the sails.

The ocean conditions do vary daily but here is a general guide to what you can expect at different times  throughout the year.

MARCH THROUGH JUNE: If you are looking for a thrilling sail then spring is the best time for the possibility of winds in the 15 to 25 MPH range. We highly recommend this time of year to those wanting an exhilarating ocean sailing experience. 

JULY THROUGH OCTOBER: This tour typically enjoys a moderate breeze of 10 to 20 MPH for some of the best overall sailing conditions on the coast.

NOVEMBER THROUGH APRIL: Light winds are common for gentle sailing unless a storm has recently past through the area, then the clearing winds blow and it is as fun as the spring.


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