$85 per person for our 2.5 hour afternoon sailing adventure. This is the best time of day for an exciting sail to the beautiful outer bay. Whale watching is always a part of this tour whenever the weather conditions permit us to get to them. July through November is the best time for whales on this tour. March through June is often times too windy and the waves too big for whale watching but it is a GREAT TIME TO SAIL!  2018 departure time 2:30 pm

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The adventure starts off in the protected waters of the bay so that everyone can become comfortable with the boat and then takes advantage of the stronger winds of the outer bay for some exciting higher speed sailing.  

 Along the way we will chat about some of the fun history of Avila Beach and the Port of San Luis while taking in some of the great wildlife viewing available around the bay. If you prefer a participatory experience and would like to learn more about sailing this is the trip for you. This is foremost a sailing, ocean adventure and whale watching is included whenever they are within reach during the 2.5 hours.

A complimentary glass of local wine or beer is included! (limit 2 per person) The SPIRIT has full bathroom amenities.


MARCH THROUGH JUNE: If you are looking for a thrilling sail then spring time is highly recommended to those wanting a true ocean sailing experience.

MID JULY THROUGH OCTOBER: This tour typically enjoys a moderate breeze for some of the best sailing conditions on the coast. A fantastic voyage to the outer bay where wonderful humpback whale sightings are common on over 80 % of our tours!

NOVEMBER THROUGH APRIL: Light winds are common for gentle sailing unless a storm has recently past then the clearing winds blow and it is as fun as the spring sailing! Whale sightings are rare on this tour during the winter.

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