"THAR SHE BLOWS" Get your cameras ready!

Whale watching

Throughout the year these magnificent leviathans grace our coastline. The best months for observing them are July and August when we find Humpback whales near our shores in great numbers feeding on the abundant baitfish that school here. In the winter, starting mid November and lasting till the end of April the California grey whales migrate past our waters first heading south in the fall to breed and give birth in the warm lagoons of Mexico. Then in spring (March to May) we have another opportunity to observe them as they return north on one of the longest migrations of any animal on earth to their primary feeding grounds in the arctic sea. A voyage of over 10,000 miles per year!


What sets a Central Coast Sailing Charters whale watching trip apart from the others is that we are a sailing vessel. We can travel quietly near the whales so they are less disturbed than they are by power boats. Also since no whale watching trip can guarantee that you will see whales sometimes it is all about the journey and at Central Coast Sailing Charters we can promise that you will have a fun adventure sailing aboard our 44 ft yacht. As with all of our trips the group size is limited to 6 people so we can talk about the animals we are seeing and everyone has a front row seat when we find a whale to observe.


 Whale watching trips can  be reserved for anytime we have space. Please visit our Facebook page "Central Coast Charters" for up to the minute information and pictures of the Whales. Please call and we will create a trip to fit your schedule if possible.


Whale Watching trips durring high season are $165 per hour. For a 2 hour trip with 6 people that comes to just $55 per person. The crew will be just you and your friends gently sailing the bay and visiting with the great whales. These private trips include snacks and beverages including locally produced beer and wine.  A 2 hr minimum is required from May 1st through September 30th. Trips returning after 5 pm are charged $200 per hour for each hour after 5 pm.


Winter pricing (October 1st through May 1st)  Grey whale trips are $120 per hour with a 3 hour minimum.


Please call us at (805) 540-4667 to make your reservation.